About Heather


Heather Wall Owner/Esthetician

As a health care provider, practicing for 30 years, primarily in a highly paced Emergency Room, Heather has transitioned to a new direction in the provision of personal care and wellness.  Her vast experience in nursing has provided a great foundation for her aesthetics practice. With her Honours Diploma in Esthetics and as a CIDESCO Diplomat, she holds the highest qualifications in the beauty industry.  


As a strong advocate for health and wellness, she believes that taking time to look after yourself should not be viewed as a luxury, but as an essential part of your self care.  She believes that focusing on your own wellness and well-being is integral to sustaining healthy and happy lifestyles. 


With a deep understanding in the science behind the treatments she offers, corrective skin care and advanced treatments are her specialties. 

About Our Name

Celtic: The Celtic healers were known to be well versed with herbal healing.  Heather's familial heritage connects deeply with her passion for promoting health & wellness.
Oasis: An oasis is a calm, pleasant place in the middle of somewhere busy.  Our spa gives you a quiet, tranquil location to recharge.

About Our Logo

The Celtic Tree of Life represents positive energy and good health: symbolizing the balance & harmony between body, mind & soul.

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